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Botox Treatment In Roswell W/Renowned Surgeon Dr. Gallegos


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Limitations:1 Treatment to be administered at the Roswell Hermosa Plastic Surgery Center ...Wells Fargo Building in Roswell.

Who better to administer you your Botox than a renowned Surgeon…Dr Miguel Gallegos.

Have you looked at some of your past photographs and noticed how much your face has aged? We generally don’t notice as much by looking in the mirror each day because the aging process is so gradual, but when you look at yourself even five years ago, you may notice some creases and wrinkles that just were not there back then. Fortunately, you can discuss your wrinkles with our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Miguel Gallegos, to ease those lines with BOTOX injections. Wrinkle formation is one way we can judge a person’s age. The wrinkles tend to start forming around the eyes (Crow’s feet), forehead, and mouth because of years of contracting the muscles around those areas from frowning, laughing and squinting. The procedure involving BOTOX will be performed at Hermosa Plastic Surgery Clinic in an outpatient setting in Roswell, NM.

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